Saturday, March 12, 2011

Somrack Kumsing Vs Jean Claude Van Damme.The Official Blog direct from Bangkok.

Welcome to the Official blog of the Jean Claude Van Damme Vs Somrack Kamsing Fight. This blog will give the rundown of what is really happening with this fight, why it’s happening and when, with inside information from Thailand and critical reviews both good and bad about the "said fight".

I know many of you will be avid JCVD fans he is a great actor and inspired many people to take up martial arts , We have Somrack the Thai Olympic boxing Champion from Isaan Thailand who is virtually unknown in the western World. So who really has something to gain from this read on and you will see!

So why would JCVD want to fight at the age of 50? A question many would ask? Read on to the possible motives and the rumours on the street!

We will give you a run down.
JCVD stardom has died down over the years, he now has to produce his own movies and hardly anyone in Hollywood wants to work with the actor most agents do not want to work with him. The last time he worked on a "A" list movie was nearly 15 years ago since then he has done movies in Eastern Block , middle eastern countries and Russia  which are 20 years behind the west in terms of cinema. Believe it or not Universal Soldier was rated second behind Avatar in Russia, it got very bad ratings in the west not even listed in any ratings,! Doesn’t that tell you something?.
JCVD recently did Kung Fu Panda but this was just voice over work so he didn’t have to work with any actors and a part in a Russian movie and the little known movie called Weapon. He starred in some great movies many years ago but for the last ten years everything has been straight to DVD.  The fight will get him back in the major press and talked about Worldwide and maybe just maybe a Hollywood production will pick him up after this. A very good publicity stunt, Mickey Rourke did this as with Dolph Lundregeon. Plus with JCVD new TV series is now on national TV and this will be a great ending to the TV series he sold the idea to the TV company with the fight, that’s is one of the reasons they took it. 

JCVD needs to sell his own movie which he directed  entitled The Eagle Path which got bad reviews in Cannes apparently the only good thing about it is the fight scenes the acting is terrible he has had to have voice over work done on the whole film since not paying the original actors to do it. JCVD needs to release this to get a return on his own financed project, which is known for bad editing, arguments on set and in many cases not even paying the crews the correct amount of money, some of the Thai crews never got paid . JCVD left without paying their final payment. Then we have his PA Dominic Patterns suing JCVD for misconduct, no pay etc and various other sexual acts which his PA witnessed while shooting on The Eagle Path which now there is a lawsuit against JCVD .  We have The Expendables which he apparently turned down the first time to film The Eagle Path, but is rumored to be in the second installment, he has only agreed to do this apparently if they give his son Kristopher a role in the movie.
So the fight may get him back in The Limelight which he seeks. So to sum things up he needs this fight and is using as a business  stunt to get him back up there. But  what a gamble. Was he really thinking clearly when he proposed the said fight nearly 2 and half years ago?  In the meantime he reported had a heart attack . We will give you an honest breakdown of the whole scenario.

       The whole fight project was JCVD idea no one else’s. No other promoter or businessmen even thought of this idea. Take note of every time there is a publicity stunt for the fight JCVD team arranges it no other promoter, so maybe JCVD is paying for Somrack to take a dive, why would you promote your own show? Strange? if you think so read on !
     He was watching a Thaiboxing fight and was inspired. But rumour has it he just suggested a fight then by rumour it came reality.
       No sanctioning body wants to put their name to the fight in the Western World.
All the major Bodies WKA, ISKA, PKA, WAKO, WKN, K1 for kickboxing will not touch it, for obvious reasons. There insurance policy would be void. The  Muay Thai associations will not touch it notably World Muay Thai Council which is the governing body for MuayThai, have said no way. So now it will have to be an in house promotion with the promoter using his own referees’ officials etc with no sanctioning body and maybe no insurance with a limited crowd?
 The fight cannot get a license in the West due to JCVD age at 50 and having no MuayThai fights in his whole
life, in the MuayThai community he would be classed as a complete novice and they would never consider a guy to fight at 50. JCVD comes from a Semi Contact Karate background which is a million miles away from MuayThai and real fighting. Anybody who is reading this from MMA or Muaythai will know what we are  writing about  those who don’t live with in cukoo land. Many will say he was The European Kickboxing Champion but this was at semi contact point scoring, nothing more if you hit some one hard you get disqualified. with MuayThai this is real fighting you have to endure a lot of pain and punishment over 5 rounds.  There has not been so far in history a Karate fighter beating Thai fighter at 70kg to 80 kgs weight class in full MuayThai rules.  Somrack has experienced since he was 7. Somrack was even noted in the Thai press for saying that all Westerners he has ever fought that he never trained for any of those fights and apparently he is not taking this fight so seriously too, this was until the Thai military told him to get his act together, or else ! please read on.

Somrack has be warned by the Thai Military not to lose to JCVD. At first they thought it was a publicity stunt by JCVD team but now it is going into action we will see. There has been talk that Somrack has been paid to take a dive by JCVD but the Thais have warned him not too, if he does he will have to face the conquiencies this is fact. The Thai Military which run MuayThai in Thailand have warned Somrack to not to disgrace Thailand fighting a man who is 50 and never fought  MuayThai. If he loses he will have to seriously leave Thailand firm warnings have been laid to Somrack and his team. He would not be able to walk the streets of Bangkok with his head held high this is known fact  in the MuayThai circles.

The fight cannot get backing in the west despite it being advertised in other countries  it now has been proposed for being promoted in Thailand. Give enough Thais some money and they will do anything, that’s why they call it Land of the Smiles. The recent promoters of Thai fight are shown interest in promoting the fight as well as Fairtaex gym in Pattaya. The general Thais will not pay to see this fight unless it is for free. So it makes us wonder where they will get the money from , and the only option is pay per view tv and sponsorship  from the west which currently doesn’t look like happening.

. JCvD trainer Claude has only trained JCVD in Karate nothing more, he has no experience in thaiboxing fighting, his gym has some champions manly in W.A.K.O which is a amateur organization  but Claude gym are nothing compared to Golden Glory gym where real fighters come from. Just go to and you will see .Cor hemmers and Ramon Dekker even laughed at the fact that JCVD was given advice to Dida Difat in there bout many years ago. Goimaz is a million miles away from these guys in training ability for real fights, look at any rankings with Muaythai in Europe and you will see Golden Glory, look at Claudes  gym and not one fighter is ranked!
 But however despite this JCVD has recruited an ex French  MuayThai fighter called David Islamone, who is taking care of JCVD affairs regarding the fight so just maybe he has a chance if David is training him? He came from the same gym as Danny Bille so just maybe we shall see?
I think this fight will not take place ,its been put forward 3 times now, if it does JCVD had better do some serious training as he will be in a shock of his life! If the heart attack rumours are true he might have a heart attack in the ring!

Somruck on the other hand has everything to gain from more fights, movies and sponsorship deals. He gambled his sponsorship money , he drank away the money from the Olympics he has a small MuayThai gym in downtown Bangkok works occasionally on Thai TV , so he can earn possibly the biggest payday of his life, and if he loses ? Well he will have to disappear sometime!

Somluck Kamsing Warned not to lose!

Fairtex Promotes JeanClaude Van Damme vs Somluck Kamsing
Action film star Jean-Claude Van Damme will fight Thailand’s Olympic Golf Medal winning boxer Somluck Kamsing this year.  The exact date and venue of the match have not been released, but we do know it will be a modified Muaythai rules fight.   Fairtex Chairman Mr. Phillip Wong will promote the upcoming fight in Thailand,because no other country and sanctioning body and promoter in the World will promote the event due to Jean Claudes Age and Inexperience in MuaYThai so Fairtex will use their own officials judges and referees for the event. .  Jean-Claude Van Damme will make Fairtex Pattaya his base camp as he prepares for this mega-fight. Fairtex will be promoting the fight as they have there own” in house” built stadium.  Somrack has been warned not to take the 150 us dollar pay off to take a dive by the Thai Army who run MuayThai or face the consequences .